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The Beagle Jam is a little kid platform game using a well known cartoon dog from my old time.

This is a retro remake using Fairchild Channel palette from a old Commodore 64 game from 1984, and in of course just using 64x64 pixels play area (for Lowres Jam).

Currectly the game have 25 screens for the LowRes Jam version.

Hope you like this little game, and this game was created totally for fun. Hence free.

You can also contact me per email using that one from my homepage:

The game is for Windows only (but later will do a Mac version as well).

V1Please Note:
V1.1 is the LowRes Jam version, which is why im keep it and allways will do.

V1.2 is a updated version. Here you have 5 lives instead of 3, and you can start from any screen from 1-25. You would do still need to complete the 25 screens, before you can try the night version of the screens (which is harder).

Install instructions

Just unzip and run it. No install required.


The Beagle Jam By Space Fractal - v1.1.zip ( Lowres Jam Version) 3 MB
The Beagle Jam By Space Fractal - v1.2.zip 3 MB

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